What is a Pipedrive API token and how do I find it?

The Pipedrive API token provides our software with access to your Pipedrive data to perform the synchronization.

Click here to see how to find your Pipedrive API Token.
My Email Authentication is failing using the Cloud Version. What is the problem?

The most common problem regarding Email authentication is that either your Exchange Server is not Auto Discoverable or your Exchange server is not enabled for Exchange Web Services (EWS).

We recommend you contact your Exchange Administrator and ask them for assistance.

How secure is my Data?

In the Cloud Version we never store any of your Pipedrive or Outlook Data. The synchronization process simply converts your data from one format to another during the synchronization process. We store your configuration information in an secure encrypted data file.

How does the synchronization work?

The process synchronizes Contacts from Pipedrive into your Outlook Contacts. You can optionally synchronise the Deal Status Changes and Notes into your Outlook Contacts Notes field. The process can synchronize your Contacts One Way from Pipedrive to Outlook or Two Way where changes from Outlook Contacts in the Name, Company and Contact information are syncrhonized back into Pipedrive.

The process synchronizes Activies from Pipedrive into your Outlook Calendar Appointments. The process can synchronize your Activities One Way from Pipedrive to Outlook or Two Way where changes in the Appointment Date Time in Outlook are synchronized back to Pipedrive.

My information is synchronising but I would like it to work differently. Can you do this?

Yes, the synchronization process can be changed to your requirements. Contact for more details.

I would like a custom application that works with my Pipedrive data. Can you help?

Yes, Redev the development company behind PipedriveOutlookSync is a systems integrator and we specialize in bespoke development of Mobile Applications, Web Application and Enterprise Applications.
Contact for more details.